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Club Activities


Tagore Club ( English Club )

Our English club enables the students to develop their vocabulary, personality and improve their level of confidence. Elocution, Mono acting, Role play, Poetry writing are conducted to bring out all round development in English language skill, presenting skit improves the rapport among the students.


Ramanujam Club ( Maths Club )

Maths club develops the problem solving ability of the students and enables them to apply the concepts of Maths in their day to day life. Sudoku, cross number, puzzle, square numbers and quiz programme make the students learn Maths with fun. It also enriches their reasoning ability.


Heritage Club ( Social Club )

The students get aware of our rich tradition, culture and the written records of the past through this club. They participate in debate. Group discussion, mono act, plays, quiz etc. They realize their duties as the citizens of India.


Art And Craft Club

“Art & Crafts bring out the creativity of the children” We develop Dexterity[Fine motor skill] of our students through various crafts like ice-cream stick models, collage work, basket weaving, dying, pillow making, strawberry bag making etc., They exhibit their innovative designing and originality. Their aesthetic effect is revealed through glass painting, sand painting, oil painting etc.,


Abdul Kalam Club (Science Club)

To identify the future scientists, the budding scientists are involved in science projects, experiments, discussion, quiz and awareness programmes like conservation of Natural Resources, Safety Measures etc. Preparing albums, posters and writing slogans are also a part of the club activity.


ஜி.யு.போப் - தமிழ் மாணவர் மன்றம்

மாணவர்களின் தமிழ் மொழித்திறனையும், சொல்லாட்சி திறனையும் அதிகரித்தல்
தமிழ் மெழியினை பிறமொழி கலப்பின்றி பேச மற்றும் எழுதச் செய்தல்
தங்கள் கருத்துக்களையும், எண்ணங்களையும் தாய்மொழியில் தெளிவாக வெளிப்படுத்தல்
கவிதை புனைதல் , கட்டுரை எழுதுதல் , பேச்சுப்போட்டி, தனிநடிப்பு, சொல் விளையாட்டு, குறு நாடகம், வரலாற்று நாடகம்.


Eco Club

Eco club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Our students are aware of three R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and are aware of the harmful effects of pollution and avoid plastics.


Red Ribbon Club

RRC is a movement started by the Government of India in schools through which students will be making aware of AIDS. Health, Hygiene and Personal cleanliness are taught to the students through this club.



The students are encouraged to involve themselves in the social service programme like JRC [Junior Red Cross]. They are trained to love all, remove ego from their heart, avoiding loose talks, to develop their tolerance and show their courtesy to all at anytime. This club disciplines the students in every aspect.

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